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Thanks to Geoff Bartlett whose Family Tree can be viewed here.

Geoff Bartlett has kindly made things easier for Bartlett family researchers. He emailed us saying, ‘I found it time consuming picking out the Bartletts from the lists, so what I have done is extracted all of the Bartletts from the Parish Registers, which may help future researchers of the Bartlett Family, and compiled their own lists based on your format.’

Bartlett Baptisms

Bartlett Marriages

Bartlett Burials

Bartlett Methodist Baptisms

Bartlett from Rev. Puddicombe Baptism List

Bartlett from Rev. Puddicombe Burial List

Names of other Branscombe families who married a Branscombe Bartlett

Geoff Bartlett comments on the death of Martha Bartlett in 1855 and some of his relatives from that era. Click to read about Noah, Malachi and Martha Bartlett

The story of one of Geoff Bartlett’s  ancestors, Christopher John Bartlett Collins, can be read here.

Connections between Bartlett, Stuckey, Pitts, Churchill and Langdon families

Roy Chapple’s family tree showing the connections between some of the local families from 1548 to the early years of the twentieth century is a fascinating document.

We are grateful for permission to publish it here.

Beer Quarrymen

Beer Quarry men from Census & Parish Records


We have been contacted by someone researching Bromfield/Irish family history

Click here to read


Allan Chapple has kindly sent us his family tree to display. Some of it features old Branscombe families. If you have any comments or would like to contact Allan about his ancestors, please contact us.

Click to view Family Tree  


Many thanks to Mervyn Tims for sharing his research and memories on the Collier family, and in particular George Collier Master Baker of Branscombe.


Sandie Pender (nee Dowell) has kindly sent us her direct line family tree (no siblings). She has more details if anyone would like them.

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Dowell & Tedbury

Thanks to Alison Somers who has sent us her research summaries for the Dowell and Tedbury families. She has just detailed the direct lines, but does have more information. She is happy to share her findings and hopes she might hear from someone who could tell her more about her great grandparents – Percy & Ethel Dowell and Walter & Emma Tedbury. Does anyone have any photographs of them?

View Dowell family here

View Tedbury family here

Any replies the Project receives will be forwarded to Alison   


Gill Family Tree


Read here - Gush


Leonard Family Tree


Otton Family Tree


Seeking help with William Payton/Peyton


This family history was handwritten in 1968 by Mrs Le Roy William (Grace) Rendell.

Branscombe and America feature in the story of the Rendells, after Frank Rendell arrived in the United States in 1881.

There are also Gush, Dowell, Farrant and Lathrops in there too!


We are grateful to Colin Dowell for permission to publish this on our website.


We are grateful to have received further detailed Spiller information from Jenny Paris.


Does anyone know who the people in this photograph are? We have been sent it by a relative, who knows that Albert Tedbury is on the right (as we look at it).

Please contact us if you can help.

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We have been contacted by someone researching the Veryard family, an old Branscombe family from the 1500 and 1600s. If you know anything about them, and would like to help, please get in touch with us.