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Branscombe Parish Registers

The database contains five parts:  

1. Persons Folder. This alphabetical file lists all the people mentioned in the registers. The records of baptism, marriage or burial relating to each person are grouped together under his or her name.
2. Registers Folder.  This contains three files, which are transcripts of the registers of baptisms, marriages and burials.
3. Puddicombe Folder. This contains two files which are full transcripts of the baptism and burial registers kept by the Rev. Thomas Puddicombe  between 1786 and 1812. Until a standard form was introduced in 1813, the Rev. Puddicombe often made informative and gossipy comments on the people whose christenings and burials he recorded. These comments, like other occasional annotations, do not appear in the transcripts in Registers, above.
4. Detailed Database Guide. A very detailed guide to the database, with valuable discussion of problems that had to be solved in creating it, and with much to interest computer buffs. Not all the files referred to in this file are available on the website.