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News and Events
Most events take place in Branscombe Village Hall and start at 7.30pm.
Everyone is welcome, entrance is free - donations gratefully received.

An April Exhibition

Next Easter our exhibition is mainly about Branscombe Pubs - The Masons Arms, the Fountain Head and the Three Horseshoes.
So if you know anything about their history,
if you have stories to tell, beans to spill, photos or pictures, we’d love to hear from you.

January 29  -  7:30 Monday
Creating a new Moon & Tide Clock
at Greenwich

Laura Williams
Many of you will know Laura and Jon as great providers of fresh eggs and chickens
in Branscombe, but you probably didn’t know that Laura’s the guiding spirit behind
the construction of a wonderful huge Moon and Tide clock at Greenwich.
This is the story of how this project, which  celebrates our diverse cultural and maritime heritage, reconnects us with the rhythms of our ocean planet came about.

February 26  -  7:30 Monday
88 Temples at Seventy

Trevor Wood
It’s amazing what a man will do to avoid a Seventieth birthday party!
Trevor Wood set out on his own for the island of Shikoku and spent two months walking from temple to temple – all eighty-eight of them.
He had many adventures, saw amazing places and landscapes, and met wonderful people.

April 9:  Mud Larking on the Thames  - Ted Sandling

April 30:  A Talk by The Project

...details to follow
East Devon AONB
Heritage Conference
Saturday 21 April 2018
Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth