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WW2 Photo Mystery

The photograph below was given to us by Jenny Mills at our 2011 October Wartime Exhibition in the village.
The man in the centre of the photo on the front row is William Pritchard (Jenny’s father) who jointly owned the munitions factory in Branscombe during the war years, with his brother Sidney.
It was taken in wartime as there is a Christmas tree just visible in the background, and decorations on the ceiling. Two of the posters on the back wall ask people to ‘Lend a Hand on the Land’ and a third refers to dances and has the name Seaton Beach Hotel at the top.
Can anyone help us to identify the venue - is it the hotel, or a pub? Maybe it is the factory’s Christmas ‘do’. Do you know any of the people in the photo?
We would like to thank Jenny for the photographs she donated and would ask her to contact us as the contact details she left are incorrect.

To contact us please join up our email address in the usual way:
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